Erie County Care Management
Your personal navigator into and through the system.
Mental Health

We help children, adolescents and adults with behavioral health issues achieve recovery.

Intellectual Disabilities

We help people with intellectual disabilities reach their potential to live a meaningful & productive life.

Early Intervention

Service coordination for children from birth to 3 years of age who display developmental delays.

Health Choices

Locally serving the mental health needs of individuals with medical assistance in PA.

Autism Spectrum Disorder

Supporting individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder overcome obstacles to achieve an independent and fulfilling life.

As your Personal Navigator


Erie County Care Management (ECCM) is a non-profit organization dedicated to making you eligible for and authorize you for services through our early intervention service coordinationautism supports coordination, intellectual disabilities support coordination, and behavioral/mental health case management.  Our goal is to Build Independence, One Empowered Consumer at a Time.


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